Discover joy, every day

Sundari Nest is about finding joy in the slow life. We feature Indonesian artisanal items; delish, gut-friendly recipes from our humble nest; and inspirations to live slowly and mindfully.

Never go hangry

Gut health is key to a happier life. In our little kitchen, we use fresh ingredients as much as possible; avoiding gluten, sugar, certain oils, and ingredients with codes. Also, we do our best to source for local / sustainable ingredients. Not at all an expert on food - just trying to be more mindful.

Go slow

Life is not about how fast we go, but how to make every moment counts. Join our journey in learning the art of slowing down.

Our updates

It has been our pleasure to meet you in person at select community markets around Kuala Lumpur. Feel free to check out our upcoming market schedule, here.

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