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Hello. I’m Ms.Le, a Mom in my 40s, raising 2 teens and an adopted kitten. For the past five years, I have been making extra efforts to get ourselves in better shape through food and lifestyle fixes – as well as mindful practices.

As an ex health and parenting journo, and a communications practitioner, I was always drawn towards nutrition, holistic health, and parenting. But during the fast-paced working years, I seemed to not have enough time to truly identify the root causes of my health scares. A few years ago I retired early, and have been making conscious efforts to learn and better our life quality through food and lifestyle fixes, as well as mindful practices.

I’m grateful to have discovered yoga about four years ago. It was like pressing a life reset button. I completed my foundational, 200-hour Integrative Yoga Teacher Training a few years back. I still have so much to learn in yoga, but I can take someone through a nice, energizing, mind-stilling 1 hour flow.

Our kitchen is almost free from artificial food and food with gluten. One of us at home is living with a gut sensitivity that can trigger episodes of ‘movement challenges’ – let’s just call it that to respect my fam’s privacy. We treat this just like any other challenges in life – with awareness and care.

We pretty much don’t eat what nature doesn’t produce, especially if they come with codes or names we don’t understand. Here on Sundari Nest, I am simply journaling our journey to a better health and clearer mind. It is my hope that you, too, can benefit from it. Let’s live more joyfully, one small step at a time.

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