Let's Begin Your Healing Journey.

Dian Pertiwi, our certified behavioural hypnotherapist and health coach, provides virtual hypnotherapy services for stress management, weight management, insomnia, performance anxiety and confidence building.

Dian is also available for group or private Health and Nutrition Coaching, and Deeply Relaxing Yoga Sessions.

Dian’s life changing journey in holistic health and wellness began five years ago with yoga and meditation when she left a 15-year-long corporate career.

She discovered Integrative Yoga, and experienced herself the beauty of both feeling light in the body, and having stillness in the mind. Dian then continued her healing journey with the help of various holistic modalities such as Clinical Hypnosis and Integrative Nutrition, to finally return her body and mind to the state of homeostasis. Having arrived to the state of balance, she now makes it her life purpose to support people’s healing journey.

Dian believes in the power of stilling the mind, moving the body and making conscious food choices to help others return to the state of homeostasis. She is a certified Integrative Yoga teacher from Yogshakti Malaysia. She is also a certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach from Insititute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) USA, and is a certified Behavioural Hypnotherapist from London College of Clinical Hypnosis Malaysia. Dian is registered as a member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). She combines these modalities to help people relearn how to relax, manage stress, regain confidence, and break free from unhelpful thought patterns and habits.

From 2006 to 2010, Dian was a health and parenting editor, where she wrote in-depth features based on medical journals and interviews with health and psychology experts. She attributes her profound interest in health and wellness to have stemmed from that time in her life.

To get in touch, say hello to her at sundarinest@gmail.com.