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Fusilli Aglio E Olio

Our fam tries our best to avoid gluten to improve gut health, and we’re starting to feel the benefits. I used Orgran’s Gluten-Free Rice Spirals for this Fusilli Aglio Olio. It took me longer to cook the pasta to get the desired texture (instruction on package said 9 mins, but it was 15 mins for me). Did you know that Aglio e Olio literally means olive oil and garlic in Italian?

Gluten-free Pasta of your choice
Garlic, 8-10 cloves, chopped
Chili Flakes (optional)
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper (I used Black Pepper)
Vegetables of your choice

Cook pasta for 10-15 minutes, checking the texture a few times.
Strain, wash with warm water.
Heat a generous amount of olive oil.
Stir in chopped garlic (garlic should not splatter).
Turn heat off before garlic turns brown. Add chili flakes if preferred.
Add pasta to the garlic oil and mix. Stir in cut vegetables of your choice. Serve.

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