Sauteéd Okra, Moringa Leaves & Crunchy Salmon Skin

Served with: Pan-grilled Honey Salmon

Okra and Moringa are packed in nutrients. Don’t be discouraged by their slight bitterness – in most cases, the bitter your veggie, the higher the benefits! I threw in some yummy salmon skin to add a bit of crunch – but feel free to combine it with eggs, or serve as is.


Okra, a bunch, sliced

Moringa Leaves, a bunch

Cherry Tomatoes, a bunch

Salmon Skin from your pan-grilled salmon; or 2 organic eggs

Yellow Onion, halved, chopped

Organic Curry Powder





Chili Flakes

Olive Oil


Pre-heat pan, then sauteé yellow onion until fragrant. Stir in okra first, cook for a few minutes, turning them over. Then add moringa leaves and stir. Sprinkle herbs and spices and salt. Stir. Add cherry tomatoes and salmon skin last. Stir one last time before serving.

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