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Sundari Bag of Blooms-Cat Safe Option 1


A thoughtful gift means that everything is well-thought of. This Bag of Blooms consists of flowers that are safe for cats – so you won’t have to worry when sending flowers to your cat-lover friend or family. Sundari’s beautiful, vibrant fresh blooms comes in our lovely reusable tote bag and this option comes with a selection of flowers that are non-toxic for the lovely felines.

Kindly note that you are making a minimum of 5-day in advance pre-order. Please specify your preferred date of delivery upon check out, on the “Order Notes” column. Please note that the flowers are interchangeable depending on the availability, as we do not keep stock of fresh flowers. We will do our utmost best to maintain the value, colour tone and overall look of your chosen Bag of Blooms. A handwritten card will be prepared for you. Please note your desired greeting / message upon check out on the “Order Notes” column, before you proceed to the payment page.

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