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Bumi Sundari Sling Bag – Under the Sea


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Bumi Sundari is our 2021 sustainable line that is co-designed with our partner-artisans. Created using biodegradable, plant-based fabric produced in a closed-loop system and combined with woven undyed Pandanus leaves, our Bumi Sundari collection offers function and convenience with minimum impact to the environment.

Measurement: 35cm x6cm x 20cm. Delivery time: 7-14 working days.

Sundari bags are made by the skillful hands of Indonesian artisans who have poured their delicate, time-honoured weaving skill into each dignified piece. Kindly note that our items are fully made by hands, hence we can not guarantee you a perfect piece as compared to machine-made products. If you love imperfections, a handmade piece is for you.


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