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Sundari Earth Exclusive Bold Red Clutch

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Sundari Earth Exclusive Bold Red Clutch is made of natural grass, making it friendly to the earth. Designed with just the right size to rest beautifully in your hand, the clutch will accentuate your outfit with a chic, earthy touch. Measurement: 32cm x 3cm x 17cm. Delivery time: 7-14 working days. Kindly expect some delays in shipments beyond KL and Selangor during MCO period.

Sundari bags are made by the skilful hands of Indonesian artisans who have poured their delicate, time-honoured weaving skill into each dignified piece. They are dedicated to their crafts, working tirelessly to make an earnest living for their family. Kindly note that our items are fully made by hands by the artisans, hence we can not guarantee you a perfect piece as compared to machine-made products. If you love imperfections, a handmade piece is for you.


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