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Sundari Earth Kirana in Opulent Purple (as is item)

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Sundari Earth is our latest pandanus clutch series. Handwoven in Indonesia, Sundari Earth consists of 65-70% biodegradable materials. The inner fabric lining is made of 100% natural fibre, and produced sustainably with minimum waste. Each combination of clutch and pattern is exclusive, as they only come in one single piece. You are viewing an item with hefty discount, with more imperfections than others. Please view our gallery closely before you decided to make purchase. No gift box will be provided for sale items.

Measurement: 31cm x 5cm x 17.5cm. Kindly note that our items are fully made by hands by the artisans, hence we can not guarantee you a perfect piece as compared to machine-made products. If you love imperfections, a handmade piece is for you.

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